Adult Sexual Misconduct Training

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Sexual misconduct is a tragic and too-common problem that continues to negatively impact schools. In addition to devastating victims, sexual misconduct can cast a permanent shadow over employees who failed to prevent or identify the misconduct. Sexual misconduct can also lead to a waiver of sovereign immunity under the Claire Davis School Safety Act, subjecting schools to additional liability above and beyond the significant liability already faced under federal law.


Having effective policies, practices and procedures in place can significantly minimize the opportunity for sexual misconduct to occur. A critical element of preventing sexual misconduct is employee awareness and training. This Adult Sexual Misconduct Training is designed to provide school personnel with tools to develop guidelines that will identify and prevent misconduct in a school environment. This training will also help identify the correct steps to take if misconduct has occurred.

Training Guide

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to Sheridan School District for the use of their facilities.  Thank you also Cyndi Wright and her staff.  We also greatly appreciate the following people who participated in the video: John McDonald, Ty Valentine, Dr. Sara Garrido and Anne Myers.