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Cyber Deception & Data Protection

Every day from the workplace to the school, reliance on internet accessibility increases. Any school with electronic records is open to cyber breaches.  School staff is the first line of defense on the preventing cyber-attacks.  This training is designed to help prepare school staff to be aware and respond to the growing cyber threats.

Mold Awareness Training

Water damage to buildings, often from broken water pipes, flooding and accumulation of snow and ice, can be a leading contributor to the growth of mold that can spread beyond the original damaged areas. Colorado School Districts Self Insurance Pool in conjunction with AXA, XL Insurance and Bureau Vistas have created a two part mold awareness training video designed to give you an understanding of mold and your school's Moisture Intrusion and Mold Prevention Plan. 

Adult Sexual Misconduct

This Adult Sexual Misconduct Training is designed to provide school personnel with tools to develop guidelines that will identify and prevent misconduct in a school environment. This training will also help identify the correct steps to take if misconduct has occurred.

Claire Davis School Safety Act

This training developed by The Colorado School Districts Self Insurance Pool (CSDSIP) is provided to be a user friendly format to inform Members about how SB-213 will impact them.

Defensive Driving

Colorado School Districts Self Insurance Pool (CSDSIP) has created a defensive driving training video designed to introduce personnel to accident prevention tips. Participants will be introduced to five defensive driving techniques and strategies to manage risks on the road

Playground Safety Series

The Colorado School Districts Self Insurance Pool (CSDSIP) has developed a four part “Playground Safety Series” to aid school personnel in providing a safe environment for students and users while on the playground.

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