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Reflecting a commitment to exemplary service, CSDSIP strives to handle every claim in a comprehensive and timely fashion. Whether the incident involves potential liabilities or property damages, CSDSIP serves as the primary contact for our Members, helping reduce the likelihood of litigation and minimizing damages.

To achieve this goal, we respond to each claim by:

  • Evaluating the legal liability

  • Meeting with parents, students, staff and any other parties to explain how the claims process works

  • Assessing losses and damages

  • Negotiating settlements

  • Obtaining a full release of all claims on behalf of the Member and any employees, as necessary.



  • Avoid litigation.

  • Minimize damages.

  • Eliminate your need to work with anyone who is making a claim against you or the Member.

Risk Programs

The ongoing financial stability of any insurer stems from its ability to correctly evaluate the risks and exposures of those it insures. Within CSDSIP, such underwriting activities are handled by the Risk Programs Department. By regularly reviewing new risks or modified exposures that arise among Members and applying comprehensive underwriting guidelines, our risk programs professionals preserve the integrity of CSDSIP’s financial position while optimizing coverage options for Members.


​Along with underwriting responsibilities, the Risk Programs Department develops:

  • Member ratings

  • Coverage language

  • Endorsements

  • Deductible options

  • Pricing renewal processes

  • Written policies and certificates of insurance


The Finance Department is responsible for tracking the Pool’s assets, liabilities, surplus, income, expenses, and cash flows.  


Because the activities of the Claims and Risk Programs Departments greatly impact the Finance Department, there is considerable interaction between these three departments.  For example, the reserving practices of the Claims Department go a long way into determining the liabilities on the Pool’s balance sheet.  Similarly, the methodologies used in the underwriting process by the Risk Programs Department affect the revenue stream of the Pool and how the exposures of the Pool are reported to excess and reinsurance carriers.


The financial stability of the Pool is of utmost importance.  The Finance Department, other Pool staff and the Board spend considerable time evaluating surplus levels to ensure adequate financial stability.  The Pool evaluates many financial ratios in analyzing surplus adequacy.

Risk Control

Our Risk Control programs and resources are designed to assist our Members with reducing loss exposures in order to control loss-related expenses.


Based on the coverages we provide, our Risk Control Consultants can work directly with you to provide services that support your loss control and risk management programs in the areas of general liability, fleet safety, property protection and employment practices liability. We offer the following services based on historical losses experienced by our Members and “best practices” for public entities:

  • Comprehensive facility risk assessments to identify student and employee life safety and liability exposures

  • Risk Control review of specific operations, activities, or facilities

  • Assist in developing or work with existing safety/loss control committees

  • Provide regional and local training for administrative and transportation staff

  • Assist with the development and review of emergency procedures

  • Provide risk management bulletins on various concerns

  • Playground training and inspections. Our Risk Control Consultants are Certified Playground Safety Inspectors

Legal Resource Program

CSDSIP’s Legal Resource Program (LRP)  is a hallmark of our brand. This unique consultative service means that for our  Members, trustworthy, reliable legal advice  is just a phone call away. Our zero-fee legal advice helps Members better understand the current legal landscape, and can help them make informed decisions, thereby minimizing potential damages and helping to avoid costly litigation. 


LRP Areas of Focus Include:

  • Employment and Operations Decisions

  • Governance 

  • FERPA 

  • Student discipline and Restraint

  • Charter schools, Special Education, and Contracting

  • Non-discrimination

  • Data privacy and The Colorado Open Records Act

  • EEOC and OCR Investigations

  • And Much More!

Members also receive OnPoint, CSDSIP's legal newsletter, designed to help you understand timely legal issues

If you have questions about the LRP or would like access to no-cost legal advice, please call:

Craig Hein I General Counsel (720)570-4557

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