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About Us

Learn about CSDSIP's Tradition of Excellence 

The CSDSIP Difference
Why over 80% of Colorado Public Schools pool with CSDSIP


As a Member-owned insurance pool, we will be a superior provider of insurance coverages and risk management resources for our Members.


We will be the leader by providing to our Members a broad spectrum of insurance. We will act with integrity and treat our Members equitably and with respect. We will provide reliable, effective and useful risk management consulting services and training to our Members.


Created by Colorado School Districts, for Colorado School Districts 

The origins of the Colorado School Districts Self Insurance Pool (CSDSIP) date back to 1981, when Colorado state regulators authorized the organization’s creation. Initially comprised of the Littleton, Cherry Creek, Denver, Windsor, Del Norte and Siebert school districts, CSDSIP’s formation was a direct response to shortcomings in the commercial insurance market.


Within four years, membership jumped to 70 school districts, and the CSDSIP Board of Directors initiated a capital contribution campaign to build up the organization’s reserves. Bolstered by the resulting financial stability, which continues through today, CSDSIP turned its focus to developing additional and enhanced products, services and training that fulfill its Members’ varied needs.


In 1997, CSDSIP became a self-administered pool – a move that provided heightened control over processes, costs and operations. Meanwhile, the organization formalized the practice of returning excess contributions to Members via dividends or reduced contribution levels. Reinforced by its sound financial footing and proven operational expertise, the organization spent the first years of the 21st century sharpening service efforts, refining product offerings and ensuring the financial stability of our  Members.


If you are interested in more information about CSDSIP, contact us today.

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