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The CSDSIP Difference
Learn What Our Unique Insurance Pool can do for YOUR School Entity

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The Benefits of Membership

The Colorado School Districts Self Insurance Pool (CSDSIP) offers schools, districts, and BOCES of all sizes direct access to benefits traditionally reserved for larger entities, including:

  • Low annual contributions

  • Shared risk between similar entities, resulting in equitable ratings

  • Valuable insight and advice from some of the state’s best attorneys

  • Comprehensive coverage that encompasses the many needs of Members with fewer exclusions

  • Protection against catastrophic loss


Hover over the graphics below to explore some of the benefits of CSDSIP Membership. 


Our 164 Members can count on CSDSIP to be there when you need us. Over 40 years of experience focusing exclusively on Colorado education means we can be ready for anything. 

We understand Colorado because we are Coloradans. Our office is right here in Centennial, CO and is staffed by locals. When you call CSDSIP you can expect to be greeted by a friendly, helpful local, never a far-away call center. 



Risk Management

We believe in providing our Members with tools to manage risk, loss, and exposures. Our Risk Control experts are the ultimate resource to help you do that! They provide the training, advice and guidance you need to stay safe. 

24 Hour Claims Line

We know incidents don't limit themselves to the 9-5 workweek and neither does our claims line! When you need help we are available to respond, day or night. We also offer online claim filing  for the technologically savvy 


Policy Management

We issue our policies, certificates, and endorsements directly. No getting passed from representative to representative or having to re-explain your needs over and over. CSDSIP service is just one call away. 

Your Voice Matters

CSDSIP is run by a board of Colorado educators, those best suited to impact the future of Colorado education. This also gives our Members maximum control over the future of the Pool.


We understand your budgets don't always have wiggle room, so when it is fiscally responsible to return excess funds we do! This takes place via a cash dividend, contribution reduction, or expanded services, all the while still assuring the financial stability of the Pool.

Our Coverage

Because we only cover Colorado public education, we can focus on your changing needs. We might not know exactly what the future will bring, but with our adaptable coverage, your community will be ready. 

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The Value of Being on Our Team

Interested in learning about CSDSIP, our unique Member benefits, and our commitment to Member service? This 5-minute video walks you through the basics. Want to know more? Give us a call at 303.722.2600

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